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Molasses – Domestic Supply ( Within Australia )
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Peak F Feedlot Supplements ( Only available in Australia - Not available Overseas )
Prolix – Pasture Supplement ( Only available in Australia - Not available Overseas )
Pasture Plus – Pasture Supplement ( Only available in Australia - Not available Overseas )
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Pasture Plus

A new and innovative Liquid Feed Supplement containing balanced supplies of energy, protein and vitamins and minerals.

Pasture Plus

A convenient alternative for sheep producers and graziers that is safe for sheep at all stages of life.


A palatable, protein enriched liquid supplement for beef cattle containing a balanced profile of essential minerals and vitamins with added benefits of consumption control, safety and convenience.


A cost effective supplement with a range of benefits for dairy cattle.

A Liquid Suspension Supplement for use by the small-scale feedlots.

The preferred choice in liquid feed of the Australian Livestock feed industry.