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Prolix Dairy is a palatable, protein enriched molasses based liquid supplement for dairy cattle containing a balanced profile of essential minerals and vitamins with the added benefits of consumption control, safety and convenience.


Maximise Your Cheapest Resource

Prolix Dairy has been designed to enhance the utilisation of both growing and mature pastures, as well as crop stubble and hay that is fed to cattle. Through the supply of a readily available source of energy and protein, Prolix stimulates rumen microbial growth. This results in an improvement in the ability of the rumen to utilise available pasture feed.

As pastures mature, protein, energy and digestibility decline. When this decline coincides with high nutrient demand, such as pregnancy, calving, milk production or growing there is a drop in animal performance.

Why Feed Prolix to Dry Cows?
Prolix offers the benefits of firstly, providing a balanced vitamin and mineral intake to ensure proper fetal development and delivery of a live, healthy calf. Secondly, supplementing with Prolix helps the rumen cope with changes from concentrate feeding to pasture during the dry cow period.

Prolix and Replacement Heifers
Prolix is a cost effective supplement to assist in achieving earlier joining ages for heifers, resulting in earlier calving ages and entry into the milking herd. To ensure that heifers attain desirable body size and puberty at the earliest age possible requires a balanced nutrient intake, which Prolix can provide.

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BENEFITS OF supplementing with PROLIX dairy

  • Improved milk production
  • Improved weight gains
  • Improved utilisation of available paddock feed
  • Assists in maintaining body condition at calving
  • Improved conception rates
  • Minimises seasonal weight loss
  • Safe and efficient urea feeding
  • Rain safe
  • Comprehensive vitamin and mineral package
  • Consumption control and cost control
  • Nil capital and labour
    Prolix is delivered directly into 500 litre paddock troughs provided by the agent. This provides the customer with a double bonus; no mixing or storage equipment is required and there is no additional labour input needed for supplementing the livestock.
  • No hidden costs
    The delivered price of Prolix is the fed price. The consumption report provided by your serviceman will allow you to calculate costs on a daily basis and a year to date basis after each visit.

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Prolix Dairy contains the rumen modifier, Flavomycin®.  Flavomycin® acts to improve feed efficiency by influencing the rumen microbe population, which leads to improvements in growths and milk production.

Trial and study work on Flavomycin® has shown improvements to milk volume by 6.75%, milk fat by 10% and milk protein by 8.3% in dairy cattle supplemented with Flavomycin®. Flavomycin® has a nil withholding period for meat and milk and can therefore be fed to stock until the time of market or throughout the lactation period.

The Benefits of Using Flavomycin®

  • Flavomycin® is approved for use with all classes of cattle, including calves.
  • Flavomycin® provides an increased rate of weight gain and improved feed conversion efficiency.
  • Flavomycin® improves digestion of high fibre diets.
  • Increased milk yields, higher protein content and increased butter fat levels can all be anticipated in dairy cattle along with lower somatic cell counts and higher fertility.
  • Flavomycin® has a significant safety profile.  The active in Flavomycin® is flavophospholipol, which has one of the widest safety margins of any performance product
  • Flavomycin® has a nil withholding period and therefore can be fed to stock right up until time of slaughter.
  • Flavomycin® is highly palatable, so there is no refusal by the stock.

Flavomycin® is a cost effective tool to improve nutrient supply and profitability by positively influencing rumen fermentation patterns in ways the other performance products can’t.

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You will see the benefits of Prolix supplementation programs in many areas of your cattle operation.  Prolix improves performance of many classes of cattle and is suitable for all stages of production.


Program Length


Consumption Target

Replacement Heifers

As Required

Between weaning & calving

0.4 – 0.8

Dry Cows

Up to 60 days

between lactations

0.6 – 0.8

Lactating Cows

Up to 300 days

During lactation

0.5 – 1.0

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Prolix offers the customer an agent service program that is unmatched in the supplementation industry. A program that will substantially add to your bottom line of profitability and performance.


Firstly the agent does all of the feeding-out work as well as supplying 500 litre troughs that are used for the supplementary feeding.

This provides a double bonus; the customer is not required to purchase any mixing or storage equipment and does not have to supply additional labour.

Then there is a fully serviced, monitored, feeding program.  Every 10 to 14 days, your Prolix serviceman will visit your troughs.  Each trough is measured and consequently the animals’ consumption rates are calculated.  From this the trough percentage levels of sweet and sour are obtained, so as to ensure that the consumption level and nutrient levels are optimum for the class of cattle being supplemented.

After each visit you receive a written report outlining all of the information required, including consumption level on a per head per day basis, a real management plus!

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The full service program means that the customer does not have to spend money on storage facilities or delivery equipment and no labour is required to distribute the product on farm.

The full service program also removes the need to purchase bulk quantities in advance. There is no large capital outlay and you pay for the product that is delivered into the trough. This avoids the risk of being caught out with large amounts of stock on hand when the season changes.

In addition to the capital savings, the consumption control feature allows easy budgeting in advance and avoids any risk of costs rising if budgeted consumption levels are incorrect.

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When Is The Best Time To Start?
The timing of your supplement program will be unique to your property, taking into consideration the class of stock, pasture resources and your overall enterprise goals.  It is always advisable to start supplement programs before animals start losing body condition.  Once animals start rapidly losing condition, supplements including Prolix, may only minimise the rate at which cattle lose body condition.
Prolix aims to provide a flexible and practical supplement program for your property.  Make sure you discuss what you want to achieve by using Prolix with your serviceman so that both parties are aiming towards the same goals.

What Do You Need To Do?
When supplementing with Prolix your cattle will need to have access to clean fresh water and an ample supply of roughage such as pasture, hay or crop stubble.

Keep Your Serviceman Up To Date
It is essential that you keep your serviceman up to date with cattle movements between paddocks that are on Prolix and the correct number of head in each paddock.  This allows for accurate calculation of consumption per head per day and ensures that your cattle are on their optimal amount for maximum nutritional and economical benefits.

Where Do We Put The Troughs?
When starting up a Prolix program, the trough will initially placed near either watering points or cattle camps.  This ensures that all cattle find the trough in the paddock.  Once the program has been going a while, the troughs can be placed in other areas of the paddock to encourage the cattle to graze out more or where they can be more accessible to the delivery truck.

How Many Cattle Per Trough?
The optimum number of head allocated to a 500 litre trough is approximately 40-50 adult head or 50-60 weaners.  If higher stocking levels on a trough occur, problems such as bullying / fighting can occur.

How Much Prolix Will Cattle Eat?
The consumption levels provided are a guide only.  Consumption levels may vary between paddocks on the same property.  Consumption levels are largely governed by the quality and quantity of roughage available; body condition score and the physiological status of animals.  For example, lactating and growing cattle have higher nutrient requirements than dry stock.

It may take 3-4 visits (over first three weeks) before the optimal consumption level is achieved.  Be aware of the possibility of over consumption by groups of cattle in the early stages of using Prolix, particularly if cattle have been grazing pastures that may be deficient in one or more key nutrients eg. protein or phosphorus.

To view consumption target levels for differing classes of cattle click here

How Much Urea Is In Prolix?
The amount of urea contained in Prolix varies between different blends of Sweet and Sour.  Sweet contains a maximum of 4.7% urea and Sour contains a maximum of 11.6% urea.

To view the nutrient analysis of Prolix click here

Supplementing Increases Stocking Rate
Supplementing cattle with Prolix will stimulate the appetite of cattle.  This will have the same affect as increasing the stocking rate of a paddock.  Make sure you take this into consideration when deciding on cattle movements.

How Does Prolix Improve Digestion?
The rate at which digestion occurs is governed by the number and health of the rumen bacteria.  Prolix provides a readily degradable nitrogen source (Bonded Urea) for rumen microbes to utilise.  In addition to a ready carbohydrate source (molasses), trace minerals, vitamins and Flavomycin® (rumen modifier).

A large healthy population means faster digestion and allows animals to eat more as well as an additional source of protein (microbial protein) for the animal.  Prolix stimulates the rumen resulting in increased overall feed intake, improved digestion and a boost to animal production.

What About My QA Records?
Prolix is manufactured by Bundaberg Molasses in Oakey, Queensland.  The Oakey plant is ISO 9001 – 2008 and Feedsafe accredited so you can be assured of receiving a product developed and manufactured under a quality controlled environment.

A Stockfeed Acceptability Statement is available by request to complete your own Quality Assurance systems.  Please ask your local agent for a copy if required.

Important Notes

  • Prolix is a supplement to the feed that you already have available in the paddock not a substitute for it.
  • Prolix will not overcome the effects of, or compensate for previous poor, unsound feeding or animal health practices.

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Q     How Does Prolix Comply with QA Requirements?
A      Prolix is  manufactured to the highest quality standards and undergoes rigorous in-process testing.  The plant at which Prolix is manufactured is Quality Assured to ISO 9001-2008 and is Feedsafe Accredited.

Q     How Safe is Prolix?
A      The unique Bonded Urea process used with Prolix ensures safety for your herd whilst providing a high level of non protein nitrogen – critical to maximising performance.  Monitoring by trained service personnel also ensures consumption remains at a safe level.

Q     Can I Be Sure That I Won’t Be Trapped By Rising Supplement Prices Or Availability Problems?
A      Bundaberg Molasses is involved right through from molasses production to Prolix delivery and is committed to year round supply.  Pricing is agreed annually, ensuring availability and protection from price rises.  This is particularly important in dry seasons when commodity prices fluctuate.

Q     How Does Rain Effect Prolix?
A      Rain will sit on top of the product and be consumed by cattle.  The Bonded Urea process minimises toxicity problems normally associated with some other supplements containing urea that have been contaminated by water.

Q     How Do You Control Intake?
A      Prolix utilises your cattle’s taste buds to control consumption.  Two liquids, one Sweet and the other Sour, are mixed at the trough.  If your cattle are over consuming, the proportion of the sour liquid is increased and vice versa for under consumption.  This is a highly effective method of controlling consumption which enable you to budget your supplement dollar.

Q     Where is Prolix Available?
A      Prolix is currently available throughout Central and Southern Queensland,
New South Wales, Victoria and the ACT through our Agent network.  Contact Bundaberg Molasses to find out the local agent in your area on Freecall 1800 777 097.

To contact your local agent,
Freecall 1800 777 097 or (07) 4691 3000

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